spamcheck feature integrated in m-mailer May 9, 2012

To send your newsletter in the optimum way, you can now use the SpamCheck by m-mailer before sending out your campaign.
With these online spamcheck function you can check which words in your newsletter are possibly considered as spam and do influence the spamscore.

The spamcheck feature will verify the newsletter  and check it on spamsensitivity.
This control is carried out according to the method which the spamfilters use and have also been based on the well known solution named SpamAssassin.  ( Spam assassin uses a set of rules to follow and give a newsletter a specific value).

These Spam verify tool contains all SpamAssassin rules to which you must answer to land up in the inbox of the customer.
If you follow the SpamAssasin rules you should also keep following in mind:

The first step in building an effective Email Marketing strategy is to establish an Anti-Spam Code of Conduct for your organisation.  This will help you keeping this code always in mind.
The goal of this anti-Spam code of conduct is to to help you making email marketing, consistent to ethical business practices .
Invest your time and learn how to use email marketing correctly and you’ll discover a great way to stay in contact with your customers.

spamcheck resultaat van controle op spamgevoeligheid

spamcheck resultaat van controle op spamgevoeligheid

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