Email Marketing and how to Avoid Spam Filters January 20, 2014

Read here the Basics on Avoiding Spam Filters

Use a consistent email  “from address” and  a “from name”.
This is very important as it allows your subscribers to recognize you easily and is part of the address book entry.

Use a tag line at the beginning of the subject.
At the beginning of all subject lines I add a tag line  prior to the subject line.

Check Content Filters and  specific “Spam Words”

Content filters check for the most commonly used words and phrases used in known spam.
If you use those spam words in your email body or in the subject ,it will be deleted before it faces any other spam filters. Spam Assassin is the most prevalent.

Before you send any email you should check with this spam word content checker for illegal spam words.

Start testing via of mail for more information on usage and/or reselling

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