Send email & newsletters with M-mailer

M-mailer is the best-in-class bulk email marketing software that empowers you to design and send personalized HTML messages, email marketing campaigns, newsletters, e-zines, announcements and promotions quickly and easily.

With the powerfull tools of M-mailer you can also build your own opt-in subscriber lists, manage email bounces and process unsubscribe requests with ease. M-mailer provides organizations and individuals with a flexible, cost-effective and valuable means of reaching subscribers, customers and prospects. It also helps you boost sales, generate leads and establish strong customer relationships.


  • WYSIWYG HTML Message Composer
  • Personalize your message with mail merge
  • Email format in HTML, Plain-Text, or Both
  • Direct sending without SMTP servers
  • Fast email delivery with multiple threads
  • Embedded images and file attachments
  • Manage email bounces & unsubscribes
  • Build your own opt-in subscriber lists

If you want to offer m-mailer to your customers, you can read more info about our partner program